Child Custody Investigations

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Investigations into breaches of court orders or parenting agreements

Whatever your worries are regarding the care and protection of your child, Julia and her team offer a range of specific services to ease you through
the most difficult situations.

Many child custody cases are fraught and sometimes there is a breakdown in the relationship between the adults which can put children at risk.

If you are a parent who has concerns about your partner adhering to a court imposed parenting order, if you have suspicions that your child is being neglected or abused, if your partner has alcohol or drug issues, then Julia’s team can assist in gathering evidence of a breach of court orders or parenting agreements.

Without accurate evidence, it’s usually your word against that of the other parent, which rarely results in a ruling that’s in the child’s best interests. Our team performs a number of investigative functions to gather the necessary evidence to prove our client’s claims.

If you are concerned your ex-partner is unfit to look after your child but are having difficulty showing this to the court, Julia and her team can help.

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Julia will provide you with expert advice and a no-obligation guide on how you can take practical steps to protect your child.