Computer & Mobile Phone Forensic Services

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What are the two most important aspects of Computer & Mobile Phone Forensics?

Having the investigations carried out to international forensic standards, so as not to have the evidence ruled out as inadmissible due to mishandling or incorrect procedures being followed.

Use a recognised and academically qualified Computer & Mobile Phone Forensics Expert. Not everyone can stand up and present evidence before the Courts. Experts must have knowledge of the Law, Forensic Procedures, Information Technology, Investigative Skills and Knowledge of the Computer & Mobile Phone Forensics Tools. Therefore, an expert should have an academic qualification, an international certification and have undergone training in the software and investigative procedures.

Our Computer & Mobile Phone Forensics Specialists will ensure any device will be imaged to international law enforcement standards and then it is preserved for later analysis, should it be required. This is the only standard the courts will accept. Our Qualified Expert is recognised as an expert witness, able to give evidence before the courts in New Zealand & Australia.

Once the evidential standard image of the electronic device has been made, it can be forensically analysed. This includes recovering deleted files, pictures, Internet history, emails and webmail information. Also computer activity, including startup and shutdown times, file copying and if external storage devices like a USB memory device have been attached to it or if CD/DVD burning has occurred.

Mobile Phones, Smart Phones and BlackBerrys now do far more than place and receive telephone calls. They contain emails, call history, appointments, contact details, text messaging, video and digital images. Depending on the type of mobile phone this information may reside within the internal memory, SIM card or removable flash media.  Recovery of this data is possible and our expert is highly trained and experienced in computer forensics and mobile phone forensic analysis, using the very latest tools and processes to uncover what most people think has been deleted forever.

Important: If you are considering submitting a mobile phone or similar device for examination, please keep the device charged and if possible locate all cables and cradles. Depending on the mobile phone, data can be lost if the device loses power.

So if you are:

  • A private individual  concerned that your partner is not being true to your relationship, marriage or finances
  • Concerned that information, text or voice messages are being hidden from you?
  • Concerned that pornographic images or questionable material are stored on your home computer?
  • A concerned parent worried about what your children are viewing or who they are chatting with on the Web?
  • A business that is concerned that your intellectual property is being compromised.

Data Recovery

  • Have you lost valuable data through a departing employee maliciously deleting your files?
  • Do you think you have lost data through corrupted or damaged hard drives or due to destructive viruses?
  • Do you suspect Computer Based Offending or Fraud within your company?
  • Do you require Intellectual Property Theft Analysis including illegal software use?
  • Whatever your requirement we have the associates to obtain the safe evidential acquisition, preservation and analysis of computer systems and files.
  • Salvaging information from damaged storage media such as hard drives and diskettes is an everyday task for our staff.   Data Recovery is not an exact science as not all data is recoverable however experienced trained experts may be able to recover a surprisingly high mount of data that was thought lost on damaged storage media.

We have had a high degree of success in the recovery of data from both common and uncommon forms of electronic media such as hard drives, recordable Compact Discs (CD’s), DVDs, Flash Media (SD, MMC, xD, Compact Flash) Zip Disks and Tape just to name a few.

We can also recover data that has been lost due to destructive viruses, from corrupted or damaged hard drives, as well as from intentional or unintentional deletion of data.If you would like to discuss a computer forensics, mobile phone or data recovery issue with Julia, please phone (09) 536 5500 mobile (0274) 882 802.