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A betrayal or abuse of trust placed in employees by their employers and which undermines the company’s competitiveness, customer relations and ultimately its profitability’.

Not all employee malpractice is about theft. There are many other ways in which employees can abuse the trust placed in them by their employer.

Employee Malpractice

Employers want a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay but do you really know what an employee does when they leave the office? Staff behaviour patterns such as low sales performance when previously high levels had been achieved, hard to contact during the day or misuse of company funds or credit cards may indicate Employee Malpractice.

The following are just some of the problems which Julia’s firm Julia Hartley Moore Limited have found when acting on behalf of clients:

  • Gambling Addiction financed by the theft of company property or funds
  • Running their own business in your time
  • Setting up a business in competition to you
  • Passing on information to competitors
  • Theft of stock

Have your findings investigated and use our experienced team to help you bring your problem to resolution. We can advise on the procedures to follow so that if you terminate the employee’s contract you will not break existing legislation. Our special team of corporate investigators have their backgrounds in business (not ex-police) and are well versed in all aspects of business practice and employment legislation. Where theft in the workplace is concerned, a commonly asked question by employers is ‘Do I have to tell my staff that I am putting in hidden cameras?’ The answer is that you are within your rights to install hidden cameras and not tell your staff, providing they are there for the sole purpose of catching the culprit(s). Cameras cannot be used for the monitoring of staff nor in changing rooms or toilets.

Employee Malpractice

Have you ever thought how truthful prospective employees resumes are? Recent surveys estimate between 25% to 35% of information provided is fictional or a massaging of the truth. The prospective employee may be covering his/her past by giving misleading information or omitting information, which may damage their chances of being employed.

Many employers find out that an employee has a history of theft once losses have occurred. This can be avoided by pre-employment screening. With our advice, you can easily check on a prospective employee to see if they have a criminal history. The thorough checking of references is essential and cannot be overlooked.

Personal Protection & Security

Are you a Businessman or VIP attending an important meeting or event and need personal protection or security for your visit or to stop gate-crashers to your functions? Are you worried about your partner or family’s safety? Have you been threatened?

“Should you have a requirement for this service we have access to both Male and Female operatives with overseas training in Personal Protection.”

Drug Dog & Methamphetamine Testing

Do you suspect your workforce of using drugs during lunchtime or breaks? Are you worried that drugs are being stored or hidden on your premises? Are you a School or Tertiary Institution with a duty to provide a drug free environment for your pupils?  Or are you a parent who suspects your teenager of drug use and are worried that they may have stored or hidden drugs in your home or on your property?

If you need to know if your workplace, school or home is free from drugs then we offer a range of specialised services including drug dogs working independently of the police. Reports and findings from any investigation using these dogs are admissible in court. Operatives have formal police backgrounds and will appear in court to give evidence if required. We also offer access to a full methamphetamine assessment service. This highly specialised team uses state of the art technology to identify and clean potentially contaminated areas or sites such as buildings, boats or residential property which may have been exposed to this carcinogenic drug.

CCTV - Covert Cameras

These are often used in conjunction with undercover operatives and in Distribution Centres are particularly effective as the undercover operative can view tapes and put names to faces. If you suspect employees of theft then you have the right to install them without notifying your staff. However they cannot be used for monitoring the workforce and under no circumstances can they be put into changing rooms or toilets.

“When positioned in retail outlets (for example above tills) they are often effective in showing theft of cash. Our investigators will advise you of the rules regarding the ‘Chain of Evidence’ when using Covert Cameras.”