Bug sweeping for spy devices


Bug sweeping for spy devices in your home, car, cell phone, or computer

How do you know if you are being watched? How do you know if you aren’t? Our home should be the one place where we can have private conversations and do what we want without surveillance or interference. Unfortunately, these days, private surveillance is becoming more and more common. The reasons someone, even an intimate partner, may be spying on you include:

Your partner or spouse believes you are having an affair
You are getting divorced
You are in the process of applying for sole custody of your children
You have an important or responsible job and deal with highly confidential information
You are very wealthy or possess something valuable

In cases of coercive control, your partner or spouse may want to monitor who you speak to on the phone, where you travel in your car, what websites you visit or who have in the house when they are not there.

Julia’s team of experienced bug sweep and countersurveillance personnel provide a highly effective service with the support of the most advanced equipment available globally.

Her team will also do a risk assessment to identify any weak or accessible areas of your home’s security and to protect you from further devices being planted.

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