About Julia & Her Books

Exploding the myths of why people cheat

Julia Hartley Moore’s own life story is even more sensational than the contents of her best selling books. A dyslexic who left school at age 14 and a victim of date rape at 15, Julia was forced to marry her assailant in order to keep the child who was born as a result of the incident. At 16, she was the mother of three children all under a year old. Julia was told by her former School Headmistress – “You’ll never amount to much”. Of course, all that did was instil a burning desire in Julia to prove her doubters wrong, and that’s just what this remarkable self-made woman has done all her life. From teenage mother to working for Mohammed Al Fayed at Harrods of London, to divorce, heartbreak and now true love with her fourth husband, Julia Hartley Moore has never done the expected.

Julia was the first woman to own a Private Investigation company in New Zealand. Her company Julia Hartley Moore Limited now works around the world and the woman who once struggled to read and write is now a best-selling author and media personality.

Julia Hartley Moore’s books have been translated into 15 languages and sold around the world. Drawing from the thousands of cases she has dealt with during her two decades at the helm of her Private Investigation company Julia Hartley Moore Limited, books like Julia Moore P.I, Suddenly Single, and Infidelity: Exploding the Myths have established Julia as an internationally recognised expert in the fields of relationships and infidelity.

The truth is that with every relationship and every marriage comes the possibility of infidelity. It doesn’t matter how rich, beautiful, powerful, successful or intelligent you are, infidelity doesn’t discriminate. It occurs in marriages and relationships that seem almost perfect to the outsider.

Julia’s no-nonsense style makes her books enormously readable; they are full of practical and helpful advice on how to identify, deal and move past heartbreak. Her message is simple:

Infidelity can be survived, if you can learn to turn a negative situation into a positive.