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The fallout from any relationship issue can be devastating, particularly when children, property or joint finances are involved. Financial Infidelity may often go hand in hand with emotional infidelity. Dealing with such matters requires not just an incredibly high level of professional expertise, but real empathy and the ability to come up with innovative solutions tailored to each individual case. For almost two decades Julia has been fortunate to work alongside one of New Zealand’s most highly respected senior legal experts, Barrister Ross Knight LL.B, LL.M (Public Law).

Ross Knight

Ross is one of New Zealand’s leading relationship property and trust law specialists. He is retained on complex financial cases involving significant assets, both in New Zealand and internationally. Although retained predominantly as counsel for one or other of the parties to a marriage or de facto relationship breakdown, as part of that process, Ross is frequently dealing with property and valuation issues, not only between couples, but them and their closely held interests in nuptial entities such as family trusts, companies, and partnerships. He appears regularly in the Family Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal.

“I needed to associate with like minded professionals who had skills I didn’t have, but which ultimately complemented my own. Julia Hartley Moore was one of those people. Her special blend of cunning, sensibility and compassion, together with an ability to deal intelligently with the complex human dynamic, has been of enormous benefit to me and those I’ve had the privilege to act for over many years.”
– Ross Knight  LL.B, LL. M