Personalised Security Plans

Security Review and Plan

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is at alarmingly high levels in New Zealand. By far the most dangerous time for a woman in this situation is when she tells her controlling partner that she intends to leave the relationship.

Often the abuse will escalate at this point and may turn from psychological or economic abuse to physical threats or violence. Many researchers believe this is about power and control. Abusers may try to escalate their power and control tactics to force the woman to stay.

If you are thinking of leaving your partner and are concerned about how he (she) might react towards you, your children, your family members or even your pets it is essential that you have a. security plan in place before you indicate you are thinking of leaving.

Julia and her team of specialised security experts are highly experienced in undertaking security reviews and plans. They will help you develop a personalised security plan to protect you and your loved ones from physical, mental and financial violence. Call Julia today for confidential advice.