When hiring a female private investigator can be an advantage

Julia Hartley Moore

Every job and every client I take on in my private investigation firm is unique. Similarly each of my male and female investigators has different strengths and weaknesses. However, there’s no doubt that female private investigators tend to have certain traits that gives them an edge in some situations.

Female private investigators are comfortable talking to male and female clients about emotional subjects

Women often fulfil the role as listener, supporter and counsellor for their friends and family members when they have problems. As a result they tend to be comfortable talking to clients even highly emotionally charged situations.

Clients can find female private investigators less threatening when they have to talk about something that makes them feel embarrassed

Clients often feel awkward about opening up to someone they don’t know, particularly if they feel (wrongly) it reflects badly on them. This is often the case if they suspect their spouse has been cheating on them, or if they fear they have been taken in by a scammer. In this situation female private investigators can be more reassuring for the client and quickly put them at their ease.

Female private investigators have an advantage in certain types of surveillance work

There are certain situations where women can blend in and don’t look out of place. For instance in undercover work a woman sitting in a car or hanging around a venue is generally not seen as suspicious. Women also tend to be a lot less threatening than men where they have to interact with someone and they can generally get people to open up to them if they need to find out information.

Females private investigators tend to notice the finer details

While this is a generalization, women tend to be attuned to the nuances of situations, particularly when it comes to human relationships. This is very helpful when they are trying to assess if a couple are in an illicit relationship (even if they are trying to hide it) or in child custody cases where the client suspects their child may be in danger.

There is not a lot I haven’t seen and dealt with in the 26 years I have been running my private investigative firm. My business is different from other private investigation firms in one key way: everyone who rings my company gets to deal with me. Often my new clients are surprised when I answer the phone but it’s for very good reason. These years in business have given me a wealth of knowledge about human relationships that clients appreciate. It means I can quickly work out the best way to handle their case and make sure I assign the best operative from my team to get the results they want.


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